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Calatayud Churches and monasteries /Church of San Pedro de los Francos of Calatayud
Church of San Pedro de los Francos of Calatayud  

This Mudejar temple is one o of the most representative buildings of Calatayud’s historical-artistical heritage.

The church of San Pedro de los Francos is a Mudejar temple built during the XIVth century.

Among the most important episodes of its history was the one which took place in 1411, when the Cortes of Aragon were held and the problem of the succession of king Martín I the Humane was posed. Later, in 1461, the future Fernando "El Católico" was sworn in, when he was a mere nine years of age.

The temple itself has three naves covered with ribbed vaults, and three apses, the central one of which possesses notable Mudejar decoration.

Its belfry is Mudejar as well, though this is not the case with its façade, which may be ascribed to the Gothic style of Levante.

As regards the movable assets safeguarded in the church, the high altarpiece dating from the year 1564 stands out, and so does the great Mudejar organ, which was built during the XVth century.

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