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Aragüés del Puerto Mountaineering /Peak Bisaurín

Peak Bisaurín

Bisaurín, although not a “3 thousander”, offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Pyrenees from its peak as there is no other mountain nearby to shadow it.


Leaving the Refuge de Lizara on the left, a path through bushy grazing land takes you to the foot of the mountain. After barely 15 minutes you will reach fields at the base of a limestone wall.

Go East across the Feta flatlands until you reach a spring where stone markers will lead you to a small stream. Cross the stream to another spring or drinking trough where you change direction and go NW.

You will see some paths criss crossing up to the Foraton pass at 2.025 metres which you can reach in an hour and a half. From here a marked path climbs up through rocky grazing land, presenting a certain degree of difficulty, to the side of Bisaurin from where it is eay to reach the peak.


  • Location: Echo and Aragües Valleys
  • Climbing time: 4 hours
  • Descent time: 3 hours
  • Recommended dates: summer
  • Difficulty: No great difficulties but remember it is a mountain route and don’t forget to take waterNivel: for experienced climbers and trekkers
  • Starting point: Refuge at Lizara (1.540 metres)
  • Peak: Bisaurín (2.668 metres)
  • Mapas: PRAMES: Of the valleys of Ansó, Echo y Aragües-Jasa; Alpine: Ansó-Echo; I.G.N. and Geographical army service : Map N144

Further information: Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo (F.A.M.). Comité de Alpinismo. Albareda, 7, 4º-4ª. 50004 Zaragoza Tel. 976 22 79 71 // Fax 976 21 24 59 E-mail: fam@fam.es // www.fam.es

© Prames

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