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Beceite Mountaineering /Parrisal de Beceite
 Virtual visit

Parrisal de Beceite

A walk in the Parrisal de Beceite, is not exactly alpine but the route, going up the river Matarraña is a pleasure to the senses with the changing riverand the flora and fauna around it.


You can reach the starting point of this walk easily by car from Beceite along the track going to the merendero (picnic area) and the Mas de Llivia leisure area.

The route begins by crossing over the Matarraña river by means of various wooden plank bridges lodged on the rocks along the river.

Once these plank bridges come to an end so does the path and you will have to walk carefully in order not to get wet. When you reach a point where the river widens you wll find the path again amongst the rushes.

After three quarters of an hour’s walk you will come to a tunnel. Going through it you will find a pine forest and the path that follows the river’s course upwards to where blocks of stone block the path. Go around them on the left side.

You will reach the "Estrecho" (the narrowing), where walls come straight down to the riverdonde las paredes caen a plomo sobre el cauce. In order to keep going upwards you will have to cross various fording places until one of the deeper ones takes you to the most spectacular area of the gorge.

Here, you will have to go through three or four more pools, depending on the depth of the water. From here on the river widens and the path goes through bushes, crossing the river on various occasions until it goes up onto grazing lands and finally reaches the source of the river Matarrana, Font del Teix.


  • Location: Puertos de Beceite
  • Route time: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Recommended dates: All year round, avoiding moments when there may be storms.
  • Difficulties: Inclement weather conditions, as the river can be very dangerous with heavy rain and should be avoided.
  • Level: For fit climbers and hikers
  • Starting point: Merendero (picnic area) at Mas de Lliviá, near de Beceite
  • Destination: Font del Teix, source of the river Matarraña

Mapa: PRAMES: tourist guide to the region of Matarraña

More information: Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo (F.A.M.). Comité de Alpinismo. Albareda, 7, 4º-4ª. 50004 Zaragoza Tel. 976 22 79 71 // Fax 976 21 24 59 E-mail: fam@fam.es // www.fam.es

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