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Jaraba Landscapes and water /Jaraba

In the region of the community of Calatayud, about 32 kilometres from the capitol, we encounter the small village of Jaraba, next to the River Mesa, quite near the sierra of Solorio, in the general area of Tranquera Reservoir. In this area of beautiful countryside water is present everywhere radiating peace, quietness and solitude.

This is a place you really should visit, as you must not miss the smallest detail of this zone which has been declared ZEPA (Special Bird Protection Zone) and LIC (Place of community Interest) within the Natura 2000 network.

The waters of the River Mesa, which springs forth in the Province of Guadalajara, runs between the coombs and great slashes of limestone which throughout the years have formed strange hollows and shelters in the calcareous walls that always surprises the visitor, like the one at the Hoz Seca Ravine, where the flow of the river has formed pronounced bends of a great width. These vertical cliffs are refuge to different kinds of wild birds such as the Egyptian vulture, the eagle, the pilgrim falcon, the royal owl and the tawny vulture among others. Although there are others that take refuge or hunt in the thickets of the river bank or in the steppes with aromatic plants and kerme oak trees surrounding this oasis of the River Mesa.

Jaraba has long been known for the spas and thermal waters which can be found in the surrounding areas, but also now for its three mineral water bottling plants.

A variety of excursions can be made in its surrounding areas, places of an extraordinary beauty such as the one that takes us to two viewing galleries in Mount Pedriza. From the village and passing through the Balneario de Seron in the direction of the bottling plant at Fontjaraba, we follow a path that leads us to a crossroads known as the viewing gallery of Jaraba, from which unbeatable views of the village and the Tranquera Reservoir can be had. From there we can finish our climb up the mountain at the viewing gallery which has the same name as the mountain, Pedriza, from which the Iberian Sierras and the valleys encased in the rivers that run through them can be seen.

Further Information:

  • 70 walks along the rivers of Aragon. Points of fluvial interest. Editorial Prames, 2005
  • Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo (F.A.M.). Comité de Alpinismo. Albareda, 7, 4º-4ª. 50004 Zaragoza Tel. 976 22 79 71 // Fax 976 21 24 59 E-mail: fam@fam.es // www.fam.es
  • Hotel balneario Sicilia-Serón, Jaraba road-Calarza 1km. 50237 Jaraba (Zaragoza). Tel: 976 848 011- 976 848 071
  • Colección Rutas CAI - Nº 2 "Comunidad de Calatayud y El Monasterio de Piedra" Edita CAI – PRAMES.

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