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Monflorite - Lascasas (Huesca)

Monflorite - Lascasas

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It includes the districts of Bellestar, Castillo-Pompiém, Lascasas and Pompenillo.


The 19th century neo-classical parish church is dedicated to San Ramón Nonato. It was restored in 1977.

The López de Gurrea tower dates from the 15th century. It was constructed from ashlar stone with a pointed arch doorway and a double window.

The Romanesque hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, which was once a Mercedarian monastery, retains its 12th century facade with clover–shaped decoration and pieces of transitional style artwork. There is a piece of sandstone resting against the church which has been used to carve tombs.

The village is famous in Spain for its gliding school.

Festivities: 31st August.


The parish church of San Bartolomé was reconstructed using a Romanesque facade and 16th century tower.

There are medieval remains in a place known as Millera: a burial ground with memorial stones and silos, which probably formed part of the now uninhabited village of Conillena.

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Population: 192
Altitude: 436
Address of the Town hall: Plaza Mayor, 8
22111 Monflorite-Lascasas
Telephono of the Town hall: 974280146
E-mail of the Town hall: aytomonflorite-lascasas@aragon.es
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