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Magallón (Zaragoza)


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Take the N-232 road from Zaragoza. Magallón is approximately 6 kilometres before Borja.

The area produces wines with the Campo de Borja guarantee of quality and origin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It forms part of the Mudéjar Route in Aragón.

The parish church of San Lorenzo dates from the 16th century. It is found in the highest part of the village and houses a main altarpiece with paintings by Vicente Berdusán, Baroque altarpieces and Gothic paintings.

The 14th century church of Nuestra Señora de Santa María de la Huerta is Mudéjar style and has been declared a monument of special cultural interest.

The former Dominican monastery has a Mudéjar style apse.

The 18th century hermitage of la Virgen del Rosario.

The hermitage of San Sebastián.

The main tower of the old castle.

Renaissance style mansions.

The Celtiberian settlement known as Caravi.

Festivities: The patron saint, San Sebastián, is commemorated on 20th January. There is a pilgrimage to the hermitage of San Sebastián de La Loteta (at a distance of approximately 10 kilometres) on the last Sunday in May. San Lorenzo is celebrated on 10th August. Festivities in honour of el Santo Cristo de la Cruz a Cuestas take place between 13th and 18th September.

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Population: 1201
Altitude: 419
Address of the Town hall: Calle Dominicos, 7
50520 Magallón
Telephono of the Town hall: 976858101
Fax of the Town hall: 976858451
E-mail of the Town hall: magallon@dpz.es
    1. www.magallon.es
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Campo de Borja
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