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24. El Rodeno


Number 24 of the RUTASCAI POR ARAGÓN, collection of routes in Aragón, is devoted to a specific and attractive natural space: the protected pine woods at Rodeno. Although these particular woods are located in the Sierra de Albarracín, southwest of the pretty village of Rodeno in Teruel, the guide incluyes a wider area.

Red sandstone, “el rodeno”, together with the pines, create environmentally important and aesthetically attractive woodlands. The woodland is on relatively flat land, with the occasional hill for variety, and it is difficult to resist going into the wood with its magically strange rock formations. Not surprisingly, this was one of the most important prehistoric sanctuaries in Aragón, as can be seen from the numerous cave painting ensembles there.

Emilio Escudero edited this guide, which also has information from visitors’ centres and museums that can be visited in the area as well as information about where to eat and stay.

Guide Index:

  • Access and communication
  • How to get there
  • Introduction
  • Natural surroundings:
    • Geology and geomorphology
    • Vegetation
    • Fauna
    • Walking in Rodeno
  • The human environment:
    • History
  • Itineraries:
    • In the south: El Campillo-Rubiales-Tormón-Bezas
    • In the North: Gea de Albarracín-Albarracín
    • Las Tabernillas ridge-Peña Redonda-Peñagotera-Masía de Ligros
    • Masía de Ligros-Dornaque-Peña de la Cruz
    • Laguna del Pinar de Rubiales-laguna de Bezas
    • From Berge to Seno
    • Masía de la Losilla Alta-Cruz de Montoyo-Loma Rasa
    • Barranco del Cabrerizo (ravine)
    • Walks
  • Museums, visitors’ centres and exhibitions
  • Points of Interest:
    • Restaurants
    • Useful information
    • Selected bibliography
  • Theme related windows: El Rodeno, a natural space; El Rodeno, a cultural space; resin collection

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- Fragmento f one of the routes included in the guide –


Torrevelilla-convent of the Desert of Calanda

A round trip starting at the Tabernillas ridge, going through the southern part of the Rodeno area where there are landscapes typical of the whole region. The path climbs up to the highest southern parts of Rodeno, the Peña Redonda and Peñagotera, where there are splendid views. The route also goes through interior landscapes like the Pajarejo and Ligros ravines. Finally the route takes you to one of the most beautiful spots in the Rodeno area: the Ligros massifs.

Relief: 313 metres (accumulated climb is 404 m)

Time: about 3.5 hours

Difficulty: medium, be careful at the juncture of the Pajarejo with the Ligros ravine.


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